Standard and special wire cables for your safe use

As a wire cable specialist we can provide you with cables made from a few single wires or special cables with more than 900 wires. We have developed numerous designs ourselves.

Special designs will be carried out exactly in accordance with your specifications. Our service range is complemented by approx. 1500 different types of cable that can be requested from our store at any time.

So many possibilities with one thing in common: Proven quality for safe use in the most varied areas of application.

Quality starts with the right primary material.

The longevity, security and flexibility of a wire cable begin with use of the right primary material. Our modern machinery allows us to process widely varying materials such as:

Galvanised and bright steel

Stainless steel

Brass-plated steel



Spring steel wire

Materials with special properties:

Amagnetic, chlorine-resistant, heat and acid resistant

With resistances of 300 to 3000 N/mm²

In accordance with your requirements, we can manufacture wire cables in compliance with DIN EN and international norms or special standards.

Wire Cable Production