This is where our cables are put to use

The manufacturing possibilities for our wire cables are as numerous as your areas of application are varied. From filigree cables for medical technology and electrical engineering, which must satisfy particular standards, to cutting natural stone, which requires extremely robust sawing cable, our range can cover it all. The wire cables we use for agriculture and forestry, distinguish themselves through their high UV and acid resistance.

Gallery of industry-specific use of wire cables

Supply Range

Automotive industry

Lighting technology

Fishing/ Angling

Industry and garage doors

Internal and external arechitecture

Agriculture and forestry

Load and lifting technology

Aerospace technology

Machines and devices

Medical technology and electrical engineering

Measurement and control technology

Shelving, warehouse and building technology

Jewellery industry

Safety engineering

Solar protection

Sport and fitness devices

Water and air gliding apparatus

Weaving mills

Defence technology

and much more